LinkedIn launch raft of new features

Having made just a few changes to functions and features over the past couple of years LinkedIn are now making updates week in and week out.

For example, profiles received a makeover in September – read about this here – and this month they’ve been revamped again – view LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman’s Profile to see what the new profile looks like. The ‘new new look’ has yet to be rolled out to all members, although some people have received an invitation to ‘connect to the new profile’.

In addition, LinkedIn have recently rolled out the following; the new Endorsements feature – read how to use Endorsements here, the new concept of following thought leaders, a new ‘blog section’ from thought leaders – you can access this by selecting Original Content under the News menu and last week they introduced the ability to create video ads as well as launching a new Blackberry app. Phew!

What do you think of these new features and have you Endorsed anyone yet? Let me know if the comments below or via LinkedIn. You can find my LinkedIn profile and connect with me here.

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