Social media training

Jonathan is able to provide top quality social media training because he has:

  • over 14 years experience as a freelance social media trainer
  • delivered over 1000 social media workshops
  • over 110 recommendations on LinkedIn
  • numerous successful case studies and positive testimonials

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Businesses who are good at social media have an advantage over their competitors. As they have better brand awareness, they’re regarded as experts in their field, they offer superior customer service, and they tend to be more profitable. Through tailored one-to-one social media training, in-house social media workshops, classroom courses and virtual courses and training for your business or charity, I’ll teach you to get the best out of social media. 

My expert social media training covers Facebook, Instagram, Threads, TikTok, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest and WhatsApp as well as blogging for business. Although I’m based in Cardiff, South Wales, I run affordable social media training for businesses and charities throughout the UK as well as providing live classroom and virtual social media courses.

If you want a piece of the social media action, get in touch or fill out the form below to discuss a full-day or half-day in-house workshop or one-to-one training session. Social media training can be at a venue of your choice, your offices or online. Or if you want to jump in straight away, check my availability and book a Social Media Health Check.

Jonathan Pollinger talking about Twitter
Jonathan Pollinger – Social Media Trainer talking about Twitter (photo by Andy Hockridge)

In-house and virtual social media workshops for businesses and charities

My practical, hands-on social media workshops are tailored to suit you. We’ll agree an agenda upfront that will help you achieve your business objectives. Social media can be confusing, However, all training sessions include tips, tricks and strategies to help you get results from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Threads, TikTok, Pinterest and WhatsApp.

Tailored social media training provided at your offices or online using Zoom or Teams.

Learn how to…

  • benefit from the latest social media trends
  • sell more products or services
  • boost your fundraising activities
  • create content that engages and converts
  • reach your target audience using Facebook ads
  • measure your success with social media
In-house social media workshop for A-Plan Insurance in Witney
In-house social media workshop for A-Plan Insurance in Witney

Advanced training for social media professionals and influencers

If you’re a social media manager, a business owner who works with social media every day or a social media influencer, my advanced one-to-one training will help you take your skills to the next level. I offer ad-hoc sessions as well as social media mentoring. In these weekly sessions you’ll get one hour with me every week to ensure your social media skills are at the cutting edge. 

As a result of learning top tips and strategies that take advantage of the latest tools and trends, you’ll maximise the results you get from your social media activities. As you want to spend as much time running your business as you can it’s important to work smarter, not harder. My in-house workshops or one-to-one training at a location of your choice will help you do just that.

Learn how to…

  • enable your clients to benefit from the latest trends and new social media features
  • set-up Facebook advertising campaigns for your clients
  • provide insights and metrics to your clients to demonstrate real results
  • new ways to increase the revenue you earn from your clients

In the meantime, keep up to date with the latest social media news and insights from Jonathan Pollinger – Social Media Trainer by subscribing to Social Mind – top tips and bite sized social media and AI news direct to your inbox on the first of each month.

Jonathan providing one-to-one social media training in Cardiff
Jonathan providing one-to-one social media training in Cardiff

One-to-one social media training for freelancers, businesses and charities

Need to up your LinkedIn game? Confused by Facebook ads? Want an insight into the business benefits of blogging? Let’s talk. I provide bespoke, one-to-one social media training at your offices, virtually, or at a location of your choice.

Learn how to…

  • optimise your Facebook Page or your LinkedIn Profile
  • boost your posts and promote your tweets
  • make your content engaging
  • promote special offers and events
  • understand the latest jargon
  • grow your followers

For more information about affordable, practical social media training for your business or charity, fill out the form below or get in touch.

Social media classroom plus live virtual training courses

Working with NILC, I provide open social media workshops in Cheltenham, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Newport in a classroom setting as well as live virtual workshops via Zoom. Choose your social media training course below, select a convenient date then book.

The following courses are run in a professional classroom environment in top quality venues in Cardiff, Newport plus Bath and Cheltenham or live via Zoom:

✅ Introduction to social media for business (1 day) – DATES AND BOOKING
✅ Advanced social media for business (1 day) – DATES AND BOOKING
✅ Power up your business with Facebook (1 day) – DATES AND BOOKING
Power up your business with Instagram (1 day) – DATES AND BOOKING
✅ Power up your business with LinkedIn (1 day) – DATES AND BOOKING
Power up your business with Twitter (1 day) – DATES AND BOOKING
✅ How to use LinkedIn like a pro (90 minutes) – DATES AND BOOKING (E-learning video course also available)
How to use Instagram like a pro (90 minutes) – DATES AND BOOK


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