LinkedIn introduces endorsements

A new feature called LinkedIn Endorsements was announced last week which enables members of LinkedIn to recommend or add a Skill or area of Expertise to a Connection’s profile with a single click. Endorsements should not be confused with the existing LinkedIn Recommendations.

Unfortunately, it’s appears that it’s not yet available in the UK but will be rolled out in the next couple of weeks. If you are able to make Endorsements please let me know or post in the Comments below. I’d be interested to know what you think of this new feature.

Here’s how they will work –

Making an endorsement:

  • At the top of a Connection’s Profile, you’ll see their existing endorsements and you can make your endorsement here. You  suggest additional Skills and areas of Expertise too
  • You can also endorse a Connection from a revamped Skills & Expertise section that now displays the new endorsements
Receiving an endorsement:
  • When someone endorses or adds a Skill to your profile you’ll  be notified via email
  • You’ll also be able to scroll to the bottom of your Profile under Skills and Expertise and view the avatars of your Connections who have recommended you
  • You can also accept any new skills that have been added by others
As before you can add your own Skills by selecting Add a Skill on the top right of the Skills and Expertise section.
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