Take advantage of new LinkedIn design

Business focussed social network LinkedIn has undergone a number of changes lately, mainly around the design which has made the look and feel more modern and clean. There is more focus on news and information and some features such as Network Statistics have been removed.

Here’s how to take advantage of the new design:

Your profile photo is more prominent
– make your photo stand out by having a professionally taken head and shoulders shot. I work with and recommend Look Again.

The heading (underneath your name) has less space – review your heading and edit to make it sit on one line. Remember that it is a heading, not necessarily a job title.

The Summary section is more prominent – take this opportunity to review your Summary. Make it concise, readable and powerful. It’s an opportunity to help me learn about you.

Newsfeed is less cluttered
– now that Twitter updates are no longer displayed in LinkedIn, your activity and status updates are now more visible. So take advantage and get noticed by doing a daily status update.

Fine tune your updates – you can now filter your updates by using the All Updates drop down menu on the top right of your News Feed. Use this to reduce unwanted updates.

LinkedIn today at top of news feed – 3 stories from LinkedIn today are now published at the top of your news feed. Take the opportunity to click some headlines and learn from the articles that are personalised for you.

People you may know – on the top and bottom of the right hand column there are three people that LinkedIn suggest you might know. This makes it quick and easy to see if it’s appropriate for you to connect with them. If you want more than three then just click the ‘See more’ link to be taken to the People You May Know page.

Your LinkedIn network – although Network Statistics have been removed the number of your connections and new people in your network is now displayed on the right. You might be surprised at the number of people your network links you to. You can select this area to be taken to you Contacts Page; a handy shortcut.

To learn how you can use LinkedIn to network, raise awareness of you and your business and to find leads you might be interested in attending my monthly LinkedIn workshop in Cheltenham.

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