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Zero reach for non-advertised posts on Facebook is getting closer

Here’s the replay of Monday 23 October’s The #SocialMediaShow which was broadcast live via my Facebook Profile from Cardiff, Wales. This week we have 28 social media news stories with my insights in italics plus the usual features – Headline, Question Time, Tip Of The Tip, Tools Talk plus Number of the Week.

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1. Facebook has officially rolled out “Explore Feed” on desktop and mobile. You can find it under Explore on desktop and More on mobile. The main news of the week is that in 6 countries Page Posts can only be found in this new feed ie they have been removed from the News Feed. While this is just a test this massive change could be rolled out globally making Facebook a ‘pay to play’ channel. But the trend towards zero reach has been going on for some time now. Read ‘Facebook Zero’ is coming soon from July 2015. In light of reports of the test, Facebook has published a clarification – Clarifying recent tests
2. You can now manage events in Publishing Tools. Another addition to this area where you can find a number of functions including Video and Lead Advert Forms.
3. Facebook unveiled several new Virtual Reality products at the Oculus Connect 4 VR Conference, including Oculus Go, a new stand-alone VR headset, the Oculus Dash, a VR replacement for a computer screen. Also Oculus for Business and plus VR images that show up as 3D in the Facebook news feed. Also previewed was Oculus Venues – the ability to watch concerts, movies, TV shows, and sporting events with up to 1,000 people all around the world. VR – it’s not the future, it’s here!
4. If you’re in the US you can now enjoy the Order Food feature everywhere  on iOS, Android, and desktop. But watch your waistline!
5. Facebook is testing a temporary profile status containing 101 characters and only featuring text. Copying Snapchat again.
6. Facebook is testing new CV feature called Work Histories. Following the intro of job ads FB is putting down another marker in a battle with LinkedIn.
7. FB is testing ‘Sets’ which appears to be like Friends Lists but you can create them around topics as well as people. Lists are unwieldy so this could be an improvement.
8. Rewards QR codes – a loyalty scheme – is being rolled out to more users. Could this mean the end of all those loyalty cards stuffed into your wallet/purse?
9. One for Group Admins – Facebook has rolled out an option to temporarily mute a group member from posting or commenting within the group for up to 24 hours. I’m already receiving positive feedback on this one.
10. Facebook is testing facial recognition to access accounts you’re already logged into. FB is taking a leaf out of Apple’s playbook.

11. 4 new custom audiences are now available for some users – Event – people who engaged with events, Dwell Time – viewers who have spent time viewing ads – plus Link Sharing – people who have shared content in the past, Instagram Business Profile – people who’ve engaged with your Instagram business profile. Will help with targeting of your desired audience.
12. The call to action bar on Instagram Ads will now change colour – the horizontal bar along the bottom of a photo or video ad will no longer remain a solid blue colour. Instead, it will dynamically change to complement the main color contained in the ad’s photo or video. Should help grab the user’s attention.
13. Facebook is inviting select advertisers to participate in the Facebook Marketing Expert Program in which advice on ads can be received one-to-one online. Could prove popular and hopefully they’ll be some work left for me 🙂

14. Screen sharing is now possible during Live  video sessions if you’re using a Chrome browser. I’ve just got this and it’s going to be really useful for me and other consultants. Great to showing clients how to set something up and for problem solving.
15. ‎I’ve spotted a new Donate button that can be added to Live broadcasts. It’s available on iOS but I’m not sure about other platforms. Fantastic news for charities.

16. Facebook is expanding the lightweight, stand-alone version of its Messenger app to Android users in the U.S., UK, Ireland, and Canada. Handy if you’re on a low data plan or in an area with poor signal.

17. Polls are now available on Instagram Stories following the launch of interactive polling stickers. Nice engaging feature.
18. Instagram is hooking up with Shopify to test Shopping on Instagram. Social shopping is coming.
19. The ability to publish stories to Instagram and Facebook simultaneously being rolled out more widely. Facebook Stories are still pretty quiet.
20. ‘More accounts like this’ are now suggested when visiting profiles. Useful for growing the number of relevant people you follow.

21. I’ve spotted that keywords are now added to Weekly Search Stats. Great to know how people are finding you and worth using the words in your Profile and elsewhere online as ‘key words’.

23. Twitter have introduced Video Website Cards. Twitter contacted me to see if I wanted them so worth asking if you don’t yet have this feature.
24. A new Bookmarking – Save For Later tool is coming. Whilst you can use the Like button this sounds more fit for purpose.
25. Twitter has released a new Happening Now feature – a dedicated timeline of tweets highlighting a specific topic. This feature will initially focus on sports in the U.S. Further positioning of Twitter as a news service.
26. Twitter now allows Apple TV subscribers to connect their iOS devices to their Twitter for Apple TV accounts and tweet as they watch shows and movies. Yes! This is the sort of service that Twitter should be focussing on as it’s unique to them.
27. In-stream video ads are being launched in the UK as part of Twitter’s first exclusive original live programming, produced in partnership with the broadcasting company, Global, and one of their key brands, PopBuzz.

28. Pinterest has expanded search ads to all businesses. Another improvement in Pinterest’s ad product.

Tip Of The Week: Try adding a link in Comments rather than  in your post on Facebook and LinkedIn to improve reach. Ask me for help on this.
Tools Talk: – a social media planning and publishing tool. Use the link for 25% OFF monthly subscription.
Number Of The Week: 2 million. £2m is the amount saved by BT by using social media as an alternative to call centres for customer services according to a case study from the IPA, The Marketing Society and MRS.

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