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Instagram launch ‘live with a friend’ video

Here’s the replay of Monday 30 October’s The #SocialMediaShow which was broadcast live via my Facebook Profile from Cardiff, Wales. This week’s top news is that Instagram have launched a ‘live with a friend’ video feature (aka split screening) plus there are 24 other social media news stories including announcements of plenty of new features. Plus there’s Headline, Question Time, Tip Of The Tip, Tools Talk plus Number of the Week.

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1. Following last week’s story on the new Explore News Feed and the removal of Page Posts from the News Feed in 6 countries, Facebook has issued a rebuttal – read Clarifying recent tests – stating that it currently has no plans to roll this test out further or to charge Pages for distribution in the News Feed or Explore feed. For more context read ‘Facebook Zero’ is coming soon from July 2015.
2. Some users have spotted a collapsible Facebook Stories menu. If you’re annoyed with the ‘profile pics’ at the top of your feed you’ll welcome this change.
3. A Play All option is being tested for Facebook Stories which is already present on Instagram.
4. “See others who live here” and “See others who work here” pop ups have appeared for some users in the About section of some Facebook profiles – thanks to Matt Navarra for this one.
5. Facebook is testing 4k video upload having already rolled it out for Live 360 video.
6. There’s a new detailed guide for publishers of content on Facebook – Media and Publisher Help Centre
7. Facebook is making car buying easier in the US. Facebook users will be able to browse cars on sale and use enhanced filters to find exactly what they’re looking for. They’ll also be able to communicate directly with dealerships from within Facebook and Messenger.
8. Facebook is testing opening up Stories to Pages.
9. Facebook are rolling out polls with gifs to Profiles as well as Pages


10. A searchable database of ads is being created to improve transparency. Although designed following the purchase of ads by Russians to influence the US election, it’s going to be a great way to see how competitors and big brands are using Facebook Ads.
11. Facebook is testing an Ads tab that will be displayed on the left of your Page (along with About, Events etc) providing extra exposure for your Ads.


12. Facebook has launched a raft of new tools for professional broadcasters.


13. The new Discover tab is being rolled out to more countries including Australia. This is a positive move for business as you can have a listing in this directory and be discovered via Facebook for free. If you’d like to be added to the Discover tab, please get in touch.
14. Facebook is testing a Messenger broadcast feature which would work in a similar way to an email newsletter. It’s possible to broadcast already with Messenger using ChatFuel. For information on how to do this, please get in touch.
15. You can now send money via PayPal via Facebook Messenger in addition to debit cards in the US. Works on iOS only at the moment.


16. Facebook Workplace has rolled out Chat Apps with screen sharing and announced Group Video Chat with the capability to create virtual conference rooms for up to 50 people.


17. Instagram have launched ‘live with a friend’ video. There are lots of ways your business could use this – interviews, Q and A, special quest, walking tours etc – get in touch!
18. Instagram have launched a new superzoom feature complete with music.
19. There are new Halloween face filters available.
20. Instagram Stories is now taking up more space on some users apps. Not at the top on my feed but mid-way down.


21. I’ve spotted that keywords are now added to Weekly Search Stats. This is a great as it gives you intelligence as to which words people are using to find you.
22. LinkedIn have launched new auto-smart replies based on machine learning. In future, they will personalise smart replies further including addition of names.
23. According to comments from the company’s CEO Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn may begin creating or acquiring original video content for its platform.


24. In line with Facebook, Twitter will also be providing more transparency for its Ads.
25. @TwitterIR (Twitter Investor Relations) tweeted during the week that Twitter could finally make a profit in Q4.


There’s a big debate going on across social media on the differences between the burger emoji on Google and Apple.

Even Google’s boss has got involved….

Tip Of The Week: Try a photo competition like this one:

Tools Talk: Twitter’s Media Studio is a little known but handy tool. Login to Twitter then go to
Number Of The Week: 30,000 organisations now using Facebook Workplace including Starbucks, Save The Children, and Volkswagen.

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