Smart Targeting option for Facebook Ads – #SocialMediaShow – 17 July 2017

I hope you enjoy the replay of Monday 17 July’s #SocialMediaShow which was broadcast live via my Facebook Profile – 15 social media news stories (see below) with insights plus the usual features – Headline, Question Time, Top Tip, Tools Talk, Number of the Week plus a quirky story from the world of social media in And Finally.

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Watch the video above to learn more about the very latest social media news from the past week, which are summarised below, and to enjoy the regular features.

1. Facebook is testing paid subscriptions: Facebook is exploring the ability to allow users to subscribe to online publications. Within Instant Articles readers will be able to subscribe to publications such as The Economist, The New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Amazon is already offering a similar service so this is another example (think Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories) of Facebook spotting an idea and cloning it.
2. Facebook is testing a gif making feature within the camera on iOS. This follows the recent introduction of being able to use gifs in Comments.

3. Facebook announced that broadcasters can now share live video on Facebook from its virtual reality app, Spaces.

4. I spotted this week an audience option within the Boosted Posts screen called “Smart Targeting”. Facebook informed me that it’s created in a similar way to Lookalike Audiences and is based on people who have engaged with your Page. It’s being tested and may or may not be rolled out.
5. Messenger Ads are being rolled out globally. The ads will only be shown in the Home tab of the Messenger mobile app – not within message threads – and can be purchased in Ads Manager and Power Editor.
6. Facebook is testing the ability for brands to create custom audiences based on engagement with Instagram business profiles.
7. Facebook has expanded the Account Overview tab for ad accounts in Ads Manager.

8. Facebook Messenger Lite has been launched in India.

9. Native videos can now be uploaded to LinkedIn….by select users in the US. This is great news but I can’t help mentioning that Facebook has had this feature for over 10 years. However, it will be useful to know the job titles and employer of viewers as well as Likes, Comments and Shares on each video.
10. A LinkedIn Messaging popup now appears throughout LinkedIn but I’m sure I’m not the only one irritated by the constant “Keeping in touch is easier – Got it?” popup message. Yes LinkedIn. I HAVE GOT IT.
11. LinkedIn are rolling out a number of improvements to the Notification tab on both desktop and mobile. These include a daily summary of the top news and headlines, weekly notifications on how many people have found you via LinkedIn search plus there are more improvements “coming soon.”
12. LinkedIn is testing a new, free service that will match mentees with other professionals (mentors) who can give them career advice. Users will be able to sign up on a new dashboard on their profile as either a mentee or mentor.
13. LinkedIn have improved the Campaign Manager for Ads following recent addition of new ad products such as Lead Generation Ads.
14. The LinkedIn Windows mobile app has been retired but a new LinkedIn app for Windows 10 (desktop) is on its way.

15. In another move to cut down on spam and abuse, Twitter has introduced the ability to mute newly registered accounts, accounts you don’t follow or that don’t follow you. A good option but it will make little difference to a big problem. Verifying all users via id would make a massive difference.

Travellers on Boston’s commuter rail system are getting public service announcements not via text but via GIFs, provided by search engine Giphy.

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