Undo tweet plus other Social media new features

The Social Media Weekly: ‘Undo Tweet’ feature ready for launch plus other new features

Latest social network new features


undo tweet

Twitter has almost completed the ‘Undo Tweet’ feature on the web but there’s a catch as it might only be available for subscribers to Twitter Blue, Twitter’s yet to be launched subscription service.

Twitter is working on a new ‘voice transformer’ feature for Spaces.

Twitter is embracing the Tokyo Olympics with new hashflags, a dedicated Explore tab, Topics and list features.

For accounts that are locked or suspended, users will see a banner on login making this clear.

Comment: Seems like basic essential functionality to me, but it’s ‘innovation’ in Twitter’s world. Huh?

Twitter is working on a ‘Shop Module’. A dedicated carousel of products that brands can enable on their profiles. Users can click on and buy the products without leaving the Twitter app. Initially, only US-based people who use Twitter in English on iOS devices will be able to see the Shop Module.

Comment: This comes 3 years after Twitter said it wasn’t getting involved in e-commerce 

Login via Google will be available shortly.

Comment: Could be as popular as ‘Undo tweet’.

Twitter has improved the UI for guest management on Spaces.

Those who have the beta Spaces tab can now search by title, host and host name.

You can tweet directly from the Space with its #hashtag readily available. Handles will be added in the future.

Comment: Should increase the number of Spaces seen in the Feed following sharing.


Members of Groups can now tag Products from Facebook Shops. The Group Admin can switch this option on or off.


Drafts for Instagram Stories are now available for all users.

Comment: Nice feature for big users of Instagram.

Instagram is working on a new audio mixer for Reels.

In an effort to improve users’ personalization on its platform, Instagram is adding the ability for them to limit (or allow) sensitive content they see on Explore.

Comment: Users from the art world, sex workers, tattoo artists, and the cannabis industry are all noting reduced discovery and engagement.

Instagram is testing a new anti-harassment tool called Limits. Users with the feature can go to their privacy controls and limit comments and messages from specific groups of followers for a set time.

Despite the backlash following the initial announcement, Facebook confirms it’s still planning a version of Instagram for children under 13.

Instagram has announced new controls for teens’ safety and privacy.

  • People under 16 (18 in some countries) will be defaulted to private when they sign up, plus existing young person accounts will be encouraged to switch to private.
  • New technology will be used to find adult accounts that teens might not want to hear from, and stop them from finding and interacting with teens.
  • The options advertisers have to reach young people on IG and Facebook will be limited.

Instagram is now letting users automatically translate text in Stories that they see on its platform. When a foreign language is detected in a Story, users are offered the ability to have that text automatically translated by clicking on the “See Translation” option that appears on the top left of their screen.

Instagram is testing new ways to learn more about content in Explore. When you click on content, it expands to a full-screen view and you can scroll vertically to see more, just like on the Reels tab. If you click on a carousel of images, you can swipe through the images by clicking left or right – just like you would navigate Stories.

Comment: Sounds like a more algorithmic approach and makes sense to adopt familiar UI.

Instagram is working on allowing users to add a sensitive content ‘Warning Screen’ to posts.

For a couple of hours yesterday my Instagram feed on desktop was 100% videos.

Comment: Instagram testing this approach maybe?


LinkedIn have apparently announced that Canva templates will be integrated with Stories although I can’t get confirmation.

Comment: Very handy this. Could lead to a much needed boost in creation and viewing of LinkedIn Stories.


TikTok is expanding its live-streaming features with scheduled events, live Q&A panels, and live co-streaming to more creators.

TikTok has released videos to help users identify accurate diet and exercise information on the platform.

TikTok now lets some users reply to comments with a video.


Snapchat for iOS is rolling out a new feature that builds on its popular Snap Map Location Sharing Platform. The company says the new “My Places” feature will allow users to explore and save their favorite businesses and locations in the Snapchat application.

Snapchat has launched a new Campaign Lab tool, part of Snap’s Ad Manager.


WhatsApp is working to develop a way of transferring chat histories between iOS and Android. 


Pinterest now lets Creators earn money on its platform from affiliate links, brand partnerships, and by turning Idea Pins shoppable. 

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