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The Social Media Weekly: Send your Instagram posts to more than 1 person via DM

Latest social network features


Instagram posts

Instagram is working on the ability to send Instagram posts to more than one person via DM at the same time.

Instagram is working on a Watch Together tab for Rooms.

Instagram is redesigning the Polls sticker in Stories.

Instagram is working on a ‘Just watched’ label to indicate recent Reels you’ve watched.

Instagram is working on text-to-speech software for Reels, a feature popular on TikTok.

Instagram is encouraging people to publish Instagram Posts via the + symbol at the top of Home.

Comment: Great accessibility feature but handy for everyone.


Facebook Business Suite has had another revamp. It now has in-app changelogs, more insights, drafts, albums support and more.

Comment: Still dreadfully broken though!

Facebook is testing the addition of Music Status to Status Updates. Pressing the ‘Listening to’ button will open the music browser where you can select the track you are listening to.

Facebook is launching a redesigned Settings page in the app. The new updated format provides more room between each element, with less text on the main screen to clutter your view, better guiding you towards each option. It also groups several elements together, reducing the amount of main options displayed.


Twitter is working on an option to remove followers directly from their profile.

Twitter Beta app now has the Chirp typeface and translucent headers.

Twitter are now calling the “Fleets line” at the top of your feed the “Space bar”.

Comment: Yep, not confusing at all.

Twitter are going to add a create Spaces button to the Space Bar.

Comment: Seems like a lot of space (un intended) is going to be wasted.

Twitter is working on a new option which would enable users to share their tweets with selected audiences, as opposed to all of their followers with every tweet. One way of doing this would be via Facets, where a user can operate a number of different profiles.

Twitter Spaces now supports co-hosts so you can have one host, 2 co-hosts and 10 speakers.


LinkedIn has launched a pilot program called LinkedIn Premium News, which gives LinkedIn Premium members access to around 12 sites that use Piano’s paywall technology. Piano, one of the largest paywall providers in media, works with publishers including Gannett, Axel Springer, Le Parisien and Digiday Media.


TikTok has confirmed that it’s testing Stories with a select group of creators.

Comment: Please, no!


Snapchat now has a Data Saver mode that allows users to make a reduction in the app’s mobile data usage. When the new Data Saver feature is switched on, users have to manually load content such as Lenses and Snaps.


Disappearing messages are here! You can now send photos and videos that disappear after they’ve been opened via View Once on WhatsApp, giving you more control over your chats privacy.


Creators can tag products in their Idea Pins – a video-first feature Pinterest launched this Spring — to make it easier for users to buy items they find on the platform.

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