Twitter gives Lists a boost

For some time I’ve wondered and been a little irritated why it wasn’t possible to add more than 500 users to a Twitter list. When creating a list of Cheltenham Twitter users it meant creating more than one Twitter List eg Cheltenham and GlosBiz and making creation and use of Lists messy.

So it’s great news that Twitter have announced that a Twitter List can now contain 5000 accounts. Furthermore, an individual is no longer limited to creating 20 Lists and can have as many as 1000.

Twitter Lists are great at helping organise people and information into whatever categories you choose and they can public or private. With this expansion I suggest that you revisit any existing Lists and update them to take advantage of the changes. For example, rather than being forced to view several Lists of up to 500 members to obtain information around a topic, you can now just view one.

If you haven’t yet used Lists then check they are well worth investigating.  Here’s how to create and add someone to a List:

1) Select the head and shoulders icon for profile of the person you wish to add to your List
2) Select the drop down menu
3) Then select ‘Add or remove from lists’
4) You can then create a new list or select a tick box to add the person to one of your existing Twitter Lists

Read my previous blog post from February 2013 containing 5 great tips on using Twitter lists.

I’ve often thought that Twitter Lists were under utilised so perhaps these improvements will give Lists a popularity boost.

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Do you use Twitter Lists? Let me know or post a Comments below.

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