FGW lead the way on Twitter

A great example of how to look after your customers using Twitter comes from the First Great Western account @FGW.

Here are 7 ways that the @FGW account is benefiting rail travelers:

1. Answering customer questions and dealing with complaints such as this one:

2. Providing prompt replies. For example, the intial response to the complaint above was within 2 minutes and an explanation followed 10 minutes after further information was obtained.

3. Regular Twitter chats where people can ask questions about travel to a specific event. For example this Tweet the Manager chat on 6 June about getting to and from the Glastonbury Festival via rail.

4. Regular competitions such as this one:

5. Generous operating times – the team man the account from 7.00am to 10.00pm every day including weekends.

6. Providing helpful information on possible delays:

7. Regular inclusion of the name of the person tweeting at the end so customers know who they are dealing with. This could be improved with use of initials – to fit into the end of longer tweets – and the approach being extended to more tweets.

This is a very well staffed and managed account providing great customers service as well as engagement through competitions. It’s not surprising that it’s rewarded with nearly 50,000 followers and a very high Klout rating  – a measure of Social Media influence – of 88.

If you have any examples of businesses (including your own) using Twitter to provide customers service or improve customer experience, please post them in the Comments below.

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