Twitter feeds dog

I’ve come across some innovative uses of Twitter such tweeting a London cab (now website and app only) and even watering a plant but this one flagged up by @anilog takes the biscuit….the dog biscuit. OK, so this isn’t business related but it does show what you can do with Twitter with a little imagination and creativity.

@natmorris has designed and built a device which enables his dog Toby to be fed via a tweet. If you tweet @feedtoby a clever device built by Nat releases food for his pooch.

Toby explains and gives a demo in the video below:

As well as being ingenious, this application demonstrates the flexibility of Twitter and will hopefully inspire others to come up with equally innovative ideas and inventions. In the context of business Twitter doesn’t have to be just about raising brand awareness and marketing. For example it can be used for internal communications and for customer services. If you are using Twitter in an innovative way for your business I’d love to hear about it.

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