Foursquare news roundup

Yesterday, Foursquare users around the world celebrated Foursquare Day – 16 April – 4/4^2 and the occasion was marked with the announcement that the location based service now has 20 million users. Since it’s launch users have checked-in a staggering 2 billion times.

Checking-in on Foursquare has yet to hit the mainstream in the UK but with a team of three now in place in London it surely won’t be long.

Foursquare continue to add social networking features to their service. The latest is a Bio section that you can add to your profile to tell people all about yourself.

It’s similar to Twitter’s as it’s displayed underneath your name and is limited to 160 characters. In fact, if you’d linked your Twitter account to Foursquare you can import your Twitter bio with a single click. However, unlike Twitter it’s a shame it doesn’t support hyperlinks.

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