Choose photo for Pinterest board cover

Here’s a tip if you’re one of the every increasing Pinterest users. You can now choose which of your pins is displayed as the cover photo for your board. Previously, the last photo uploaded became the cover photo by default.

Select any photo in your board including the cover photo. Over the cover photo an Edit Board Cover button will hover and on any other photo Select Board Cover will be displayed. Select this button and you can then scroll left and right until the photo you require is displayed. Select Set Cover and you’re done.

So to get your boards looking their best you might want to log on and choose some new cover photos. To keep them fresh I’d suggest changing cover photos on your boards every once in a while.

To help spread the word about Pinterest I’ve scheduled a couple of workshops. The first one is on Tuesday 22 May and the second on Wednesday 27 June. There 2 hours long and cost £47 each.

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