Tweeters undersold by Waitrose

Waitrose had to weather a social media storm last week which hasn’t quite blown itself out yet. It following a post on their Wall reporting an alleged altercation in theirĀ Kingsthorpe Northampton store and the subsequent action of a Waitrose employee that followed. As the facts aren’t clear in this case I won’t comment too much although it does seem that Waitrose could have posted more regular ‘holding statements’ to keep readers of the Wall informed.

It might seem unfair to put the boot in regarding their Twitter account as well but it’s disappointing to see that they regularly resort to the ’email our customer services’ line rather than helping the tweeter directly. In the case of the conversation below the question is not customer related but he’s still asked to email Customer Services. The better and more ‘socially responsible’ approach (the query is charity related) would have been to obtain the tweeters phone or email and arranged for the Corporate Social Responsibility department – surely more appropriate – to contact him.

[blackbirdpie url=”!/WaitroseUK/status/136016644022599682″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/CorpDC/status/136014171417493504″]

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