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THE #SocialToday SHOW – Tuesday 30 August

Here’s THE #SocialToday SHOW with my insights on the week’s social media news including exciting new features from Facebook, Messenger, LinkedIn and Twitter. I gave you the news last week that LinkedIn have re-introduced hashtags (to mobile at least) and they’ve no officially confirmed. Find out how excited I am!….plus regular features:

  • Question time – Do you blog? Please tell me about your blog in the Comments below.
  • My number of the week – 75. In the latest quarterly survey from Sprout Social, 75% of social media users said they’d bought a product because they’d seen it on social media.
  • Secret social media tip – Keep your regularly used hashtags in a text file or similar so you can copy and paste into the description of your Instagram posts.
  • Tools talk – An extension that integrates Gmail with LinkedIn.
  • And finally – Journalist’s Twitter account suspended for tweeting Olympic gifs.

The SHOW is aimed people who work in or with social media – enjoy the recording below:

Useful links from today’s show – info on Twitter’s new DM button for website – great extension for Chrome and Firefox

Upcoming social media workshops in Cheltenham

Feel free to ask me questions on any aspect of social media by posting under this blog post, or by tweeting @intranetfuture.

Don’t forget to join me again Monday at the later than usual time of 9.30am for THE #SocialToday SHOW on Facebook Live – normally on Mondays at 8.45am BST.

THE #SocialToday SHOW

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