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THE #SocialToday SHOW – Monday 22 August

Here’s THE #SocialToday SHOW with my insights on the last week’s social media news including exciting new features from Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest plus:

  • Question time – What’s your top social media tip? Please post your answer in the Comments below.
  • My number of the week – 90. In a Fractl and BuzzSumo survey of 3 billion posts between December 2015 and June 2016, Facebook had 90% of social shares of popular articles. Twitter was distant 2nd with just 6%.
  • Secret social media tip – Tag Twitter friends in promotional banners but don’t be spammy.
  • Tools talk – we take a look at bookwhen. Great for taking bookings and payments on events.
  • And finally – Man locked in shop overnight tweets his plight.

The SHOW is aimed people who work in or with social media – enjoy the recording below:

Useful links from today’s show

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THE #SocialToday SHOW

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