Robotic response to Twitter followers a bad idea

Social media is about conversation and your potential and existing customers or clients don’t want to talk to a robot; they want to talk to a real person. So providing the same response to new followers is a bad idea. Below is the standard response from @StrategyIntMark to new followers:

If you visit the profile and check tweets you’ll see the identical response to a number of new followers. It’s a variation on the auto direct message approach although at least with an @message the recipient knows they’ll be able to respond in the same manner. With an auto direct message unless the business or brand has followed you too you won’t be able to direct message them back.

Whilst it’s nice to say thank you surely the act of following is part and parcel of Twitter use? Does each new follower really need a thank you? If you must then it should be personalised but of course this takes time. Perhaps better thank someone when they’ve made the effort to retweet or mention you.

What do you think? Please let me know in the comments below.

Hat tip to @SueKelsoRyan for spotting this example.

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