Pinterest tip: Adding descriptions to your pins

Here’s a quick tip if you’re a Pinterest user. If you’re not using Pinterest please read 5 reasons why you should join Pinterest today.

When you pin an image from a website it’s often the case that the description isn’t quite right or detailed enough. One solution is to manually edit the description but this can be time consuming and fiddly.

A better method is to select a piece of text that can be used as a description before you select the Pin It button – if you haven’t yet added the button to your browser read how to add the Pin It button to your browser. Just highlight the words, sentence or paragraph you require on the web page and select the Pin It button as normal. The text you’ve selected will now appear as the Pin’s description.

Don’t forget that you have to add a description on Pinterest. You should take the opportunity to provide more value to your visitors by providing additional information about the pin. Whilst it shouldn’t be too wordy you have up to 500 words you can use to enhance your image, photo, infographic or video. Descriptions should include key words which help you show up in Pinterest and web search engine results.

Incidentally, if you’re a Buffer user you’ll find this method works in a similar way when posting links from webpages to social networks. Find out more about Buffer and how it can help you schedule your social network updates.

You can use this tip for future pins but to make the most of the tip why not go back and check your previous pins to ensure they have accurate and complete descriptions?

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