Pinterest introduce new measurement tools

Last week Pinterest introduced measurement tools which provide a great insight into the popularity of uploaded images and provide the number of clicks and visitors to your website. You can also see exactly how many people have pinned content from your site along with how many images have been pinned.

Pinterest Analytics tool

As well as Site Metrics you can view a selection of the most recent pins captured from your site as well plus as content that’s been re-pinned and clicked on the most within Pinterest. All the data can be exported as a .csv file (spreadsheet) for further analysis.

To access this new feature you’ll need to have verified your website – see How to verify your website on Pinterest. Once you’ve done this, on the new style Pinterest go to your name on the right hand side and select Analytics. If you don’t yet have the new style go to your name and select ‘Switch to the New Look’ at the bottom of the menu.

This new easy to use tool is a great development that can really help you make the most of Pinterest. For example, once you’ve identified a popular type of content that you’ve posted on your website or Pinterest, you can do more of the same or make that particular content more prominent.

I wonder how long it will take Twitter to launch something similar?

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