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More LinkedIn’s messaging features launched

Following last week’s news of LinkedIn’s audio messaging feature here’s Monday 23 July’s The #SocialMediaShow, with 6 other new LinkedIn messaging features, brought to you by Cardiff Social Media Agency, Intranet Future.

The #SocialMediaShow is aimed at people who use social media for business and it’s purpose is to increase your knowledge and improve your use of social media.

Here are the 6 new LinkedIn Messaging features:

  1. You can now expand the compose message box on mobile and this feature is coming soon to desktop.
  2. You can now add attachments to your LinkedIn messages, for example, PowerPoint files and Word documents.
  3. There’s a new emoji picker on desktop. Meanwhile, on mobile there’s a searchable GIF library.
  4. It’s now easier to add and remove people from LinkedIn Group Messages. Add people from ‘smart suggestions’, for example, current employer.
  5. You can now @ mention people in LinkedIn messages. Handy when referring someone to a a supplier or adviser.
  6. You can now copy and paste images such as screenshots directly into LinkedIn messages on desktop – coming soon to mobile.

In case you missed them last week, here are some tips when using messaging to communicate with potential prospects on LinkedIn:

  • Get the headline right – you want to encourage the recipient to open your message.
  • Use first name – keep it informal and personal by using the first name of the recipient.
  • Mention a mutual connection – refer to a mutual connection to ensure you’re taken seriously. It’s best if they are a client of yours.
  • Refer to something personal – this could be an achievement or perhaps a hobby. This help create a ‘connection’.
  • Keep your message concise – make sure every word counts and don’t waffle on. Keep it short and readable.
  • End with a call to action – you want your prospect to do something as a result of your message so make sure you ask them to eg book appointment.

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