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Great new features launched for Facebook Groups

Here’s the replay of Monday 6 November’s The #SocialMediaShow which was broadcast live via my Facebook Profile from Cardiff, Wales. Facebook launched a slew of new features for Groups and announced their Q3 results this week plus there are 22 other social media news stories below plus insights in italics including announcements of plenty of new features. Plus there’s Headline, Question Time, Tip Of The Tip, Tools Talk plus Number of the Week.

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1. Facebook published their 3rd quarter results announcing  ad revenues of $10.14 billion – that’s a staggering $3.38 billion per month! – an increase of 49% on the same period last year. Monthly users have grown to 2.07 billion monthly with 1.37 billion of those accessing the site daily. Impressive numbers from Facebook.
2. Facebook are rolling out a slew of new Group features including welcome posts that will automatically tag new joiners; badges that make it easier to identify group admins, moderators, and new members; and new group specific profiles including things they may have in common, and their recent activity within the group plus the ability to add notes under Admin Activity. I’ve long been a fan of Facebook Groups (read Facebook Page not delivering? Try Groups from 2014) and great to see these exciting new features.
3. Admins can also now schedule posts in Facebook Groups when members are most active. Another great feature.
4. Facebook notifications are to be ordered by relevance and split into 2 sections – new and earlier. Presumably an algorithm will be used to decide what’s relevant. I’m concerned that I might miss some notifications if the algorithm is ‘off’.
5. Facebook are launching Facebook Polls with the added options of using photos or GIFs as answers and they are coming to personal Profiles and Pages on iOS, Android, and desktop. Great way of engaging your friends and fans.
6. Facebook is testing an account switching button as found on Instagram. Come on Twitter, where’s yours for the desktop?
7. Facebook us testing a new ‘Breaking news tag’ for new news stories.

8. Facebook is testing ‘live with challenges’ where ideas and inspiration are being provided for broadcasters.

9. Facebook Messenger Lite now available in the UK and is getting a lot of positive reviews. Only available on Android at the moment. Worth downloading to try if you just want the basic features of Messenger.

10. Facebook Workplace celebrated its first anniversary.

11. Instagram Stories now has 300m daily users! That’s nearly more than Twitter’s monthly users.
12. Stories preview windows are starting to appear mid-feed with larger portrait displays with tiles showing the first frame of the Story. Should make Stories even more popular.
13. Instagram is testing a Stop Motion feature in Stories. You can take a long series of photos, which Instagram stitches up into a GIF that you can post.

14. LinkedIn results for the 3rd quarter are buried Microsoft’s quarterly report where it’s revealed they contributed $1.14 billion in revenue. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella stated, “You’ll see more product integration in fiscal ’18 as we continue to accelerate our innovation to connect the world’s leading professional cloud with the world’s leading professional network.”
15. Peer Benchmarking has now been added to Premium Insights on Company Pages. With this new tool, LinkedIn members will be able to easily compare companies’ employee growth to industry peers to better understand their competitive standing and trends over time.
16. LinkedIn announced that LinkedIn information will start to be displayed to Outlook.com users over the next few days. LinkedIn will now provide rich insights such as profile pictures, work history, and more right from within a user’s personal email inbox. Handy. I seem to remember using a plugin that did this as long ago as 2009.

17. Twitter published new rules on Friday appropriately named The Twitter Rules. How seriously should we take this rules given Twitter don’t observe them regarding @realDonaldTrump?
18. Businesses can now share and request locations in Direct Messages. Great for venue based businesses.
19. Twitter’s promoted mode is not working out for many including Matt Navarra.

20. Twitter’s push into live sports broadcasting continues with a broadcast of the Melbourne Cup Live. You can watch at 5am GMT on Tuesday morning.

21. Pinterest has launched several new webinars to help advertisers. Watch the Pinterest webinars.

22. A/B Creative split testing has been launched. Useful for working out which photos/text/videos work best.
23. Facebook have launched a new ‘test and learn feature’ which answers advertisers questions.
24. It was announced on Friday that all business Pages will be able to send sponsored messages but only if they’ve been recently communicated with or opted in.

Tip Of The Week: Tag people in photos on Twitter to highlight your tweet but don’t be spammy.
Tools Talk:  crystalknows.com – Crystal generates personality insights for your contacts so you can write better emails, run better meetings, and improve your working relationships.
Number Of The Week: More Twitter users (74%) said they are getting news from the social network than said the same in 2013 (52%).

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