Is the website dead?

As social networks become ever more popular I’m often asked about the relevance of websites. Companies are ignoring websites when launching new products eg Cadburys’ Bubbly and producers are doing the same with films. If you view this trailer for Chronicle you’ll see the film’s Facebook and its Twitter hashtag #chronicle mentioned at the end, but not the website.

However, we’re a long way off seeing the death of the website but we are seeing websites becoming more social in a number of ways:

  • Linking to social networks through icons
  • Like buttons on websites
  • Commenting using Facebook login
  • Social sharing buttons – ability to share out to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc
  • Inclusion of content from social networks eg Twitter feed
  • Registration using Facebook and Twitter login

Apart from Registration you can find examples of all these features on

Taking the socialisation of websites are step further is whose homepage is largely a pastiche of content from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

This is an approach we’re likely to see more of in future. If you come across any examples of ‘social website’s please let me know – you have¬†plenty of options.

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