Chocolate bar launched on Google+

Last week Larry Page, Chief Executive of Google announced that Google+ which was only launched in June 2011 now has 90 million users. It took Facebook ten months to reach 1 million uses.

Brands are beginning to take notice of Google+ and most big now have an official Page. Some such as Pepsi are easy to find using Direct Connect. Type in +Pepsi into and you’ll see how it works. It’s likely this feature will be available to all Pages soon.

Last week Cadbury endorsed Google+ by using its Page to launch a new product; the Bubbly Bar. Expect other brands and businesses to follow suit.

Chocolate bar launched on Google+










To mark the launch I’ve giving away Bubbly bars to the first 10 people who tweet about this blog using hashtag #bubbly.

I’ll be explaining how Google+ can help any business at my Google+ workshop in Cheltenham on 15 February – booking and info.

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