6 practical ideas for archived tweets

Twitter recently launched the ability for users to archive all their past tweets; a feature that is currently being rolled out for all accounts. You can check if it’s been enabled on your account by going to selecting the cog symbol on the top right of twitter.com and selecting Settings.

Twitter archive setting screenshot

Here are 6 ideas for using archived tweets:

  1. See how you’ve improved – look at your early tweets. I bet your tweets are quite different now. Learn from how you’ve developed.
  2. Look for frequency of words – analyse the frequency of tweeted words to gain a better understanding of the topics you tweet about. Are you covering all the topics you should be?
  3. Look for frequency of accounts – gain a better understanding of who you’re engaging with and how often but analysing the frequency of account names.
  4. Look for hashtags – improve understanding of your use of hashtags. Which hashtags are gaining most engagement? Are you using the right hashtags and with appropriate frequency?
  5. Learn when you tweet – does your level of Twitter activity match key times for your business. For example, if your trade and customer queries increase at Christmas time are your tweets keeping up?
  6. Repost successful tweets – identify those tweets that received plenty of engagement and if they’re still valid repost them.

How will you use archived tweets? Please post your ideas in the Comments below. 

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