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6 ways you can grow your business with Facebook Groups

This week’s The #SocialMediaShow was recorded on Sunday night and no, I didn’t go head to head with The Bodyguard! I cover some big news from Facebook – Pages can now join Groups – yay! and provided 6 ways on how you can grow your business using Facebook Groups which are listed in brief below. The #SocialMediaShow’s purpose is to increase your knowledge and improve your use of social media.

  1. Raise brand awareness using your business name
  2. Raise awareness through Facebook Ads which are coming soon to Facebook Groups
  3. Increased awareness and engagement in News Feed compared to posts from your Facebook Page
  4. Create a community through your business
  5. Provide customer services and support
  6. Provide training

Watch the video above to learn more about how Facebook Groups can help your business.

There’s lots of chat about whether Pages being allowed to join Groups or not is a good or bad thing so let me know what you think in the Comments below. Group Admins will be allowed to decide whether they allow Pages to join (default) or not as you can see from the screenshot below.

group settings

If you have a questions on the Facebook Groups, please post in the Comments here or on Facebook under the replay of The #SocialMediaShow.

If you would like details and a quote for tailor made training where I’ll demonstrate how you can make the most of Facebook or any aspectof social media for your business, organisation or charity, please get in touch.

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