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How to use Facebook and Instagram Stories

On Monday 1 October’s The #SocialMediaShow, broadcast by Cardiff Social Media Agency, Intranet Future, Jonathan Pollinger talks about Facebook and Instagram Stories. What they are, how they work and how you can use them including these 10 ideas below:

1. Sell your products – Shopping is now available on Instagram Stories. Learn more at my Instagram Workshop on 16 October in Cheltenham.
2. Testimonials over images – add client testimonials to an appropriate background colour or better still, photo. Use Instagram or Canva.
3. Tips over images – add short tips in the same way as no.2.
4. Video tips and how-tos – Stories are great for short video clips so great for passing on tips and how-tos
5. Signposting to other content – promote a blog post or a longer video on IGTV or YouTube.
6. Show off products – promote your goods and wares. Try using the Superzoom feature.
7. Tell the story of your day – show people what you are up to with video and photos from your working day.
8. Obtain feedback by asking questions and using polls – Instagram only Poll and Question features are great for this.
9. Promote a campaign or competition – provide details of your charity, promo campaign or competition. Add a hashtag with a sticker.
10. Provide a voucher – give buyers a special offer with a money off or offer voucher. You’ll need the ‘swipe-up’ feature for this.

The #SocialMediaShow is aimed at people who use social media for business and it’s purpose is to increase your knowledge and improve your use of social media.

If you have a questions on Facebook and Instagram Stories or on any aspect of social media please post in the Comments here or on Facebook under the video.

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