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How to choose what you see in Facebook’s news feed

In Monday 10 September’s The #SocialMediaShow, Jonathan Pollinger explains how the Facebook News Feed works and how you can choose the posts that appear in your News Feed. The #SocialMediaShow’s purpose is to increase your knowledge and improve your use of social media.

Last week, a survey by Pew Research Center of US adults illustrated that there’s a big lack of understanding when it comes to the Facebook News Feed. Over half of Americans don’t understand how to works, a quarter think they have no control over News Feed and about 2/3rds say they haven never customised their feed.

Watch the video above to learn how the News Feed works and to use the tools available to you to control what appears in your News Feed.

Facebook also publish regular information on the News Feed which you can read in News Feed.

For Facebook’s instructions on adjusting your News Feed see How can I view and adjust my News Feed preferences?

If you have a questions on the Facebook News Feed, please post in the Comments here or on Facebook under the replay of The #SocialMediaShow.

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