Glos Fire Chief to the rescue

Twitter can be a great way to ‘avoid the gatekeeper’ and contact high profile people directly but can also be used by people in the public eye to contact members of their community.

Thank you to Melanie Ballentyne aka @interestedb for sharing a great anecdote of how Jon Hall, Chief Fire Office for Gloucestershire aka @GlosFireChief contacted her directly to help resolve an issue with a fire alarm.

The story started early on Bank Holiday Sunday:

On seeing the tweet Jon Hall contacted Melanie using a Direct Message (DM) to offer advice on solving the problem. When it was apparent the fire alarm was defective he arranged for its replacement. Two fire officers arrived on Monday morning and fitted two new units. A great example of leadership and fantastic customer services through Twitter.

The story is rounded off with Jon Hall thanking his team publicly; an example of excellent employee communications.

If you have any examples of great customer services via Twitter please post in the Comments below.

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