12 reasons why you should USE LinkedIn

So you have a profile on LinkedIn but when was the last time you logged in and made use of what is known as ‘the professionals’ network’?

Here are 12 reasons why you should use LinkedIn and will hopefully encourage you to do so:

  1. Keeping in touch – Keep tabs on your ex-colleagues, clients and contacts by reading your Home Page or Weekly Update email.
  2. Networking – Use LinkedIn to find suppliers and advisers who may well do business with you in return.
  3. Obtaining referrals – It’s easy to pass referrals to your network and of course there’s the opportunity to receive them too.
  4. Contact information – Need contact info for a new prospect or existing client? No problem. You can check their LinkedIn profile for contact information, send them a message over LinkedIn if they’re a first degree connection or an InMail if they’re out of your network.
  5. Obtaining relevant news on your industry – Use null – it’s like a personalised newspaper and has just been updated – and LinkedIn Groups to find out gain valuable insights and to find out what’s going on in your sector.
  6. Obtaining leads – Following a simple plan on a regular basis you can obtain leads and make sales. Find out more by attending one of my LinkedIn workshops.
  7. Get hired – Having a strong presence on LinkedIn increases your chances of being hired as a freelancer or being offered a new job.
  8. Good platform for demonstrating your expertise – Raise awareness of you skills and expertise by providing tips in Status Updates and getting involved in discussions in Groups.
  9. Researching speakers and exhibitors – Find out about speakers and exhibitors before conferences and events to help you decide who to listen to and which stands to visit.
  10. Connecting with delegates after network meetings – Use LinkedIn to connect with and strengthen relationships with people you’ve met at network meetings.
  11. Attracting visitors to your website – Use your Contact Info to publish links to your website. Read Optmise your LinkedIn weblinks to learn how to do this.
  12. Great recruitment tool – Use LinkedIn Advanced Search to find potential candidates or advertise in the Jobs section.

If you need help on optimising your profile I can help you in a face to face or online session. Give me a call on 01242 639023 or contact me using via the Connect page.

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