Facebook ads in groups

Facebook is rolling out ads for Groups

Here’s the replay of Monday 12 March’s The #SocialMediaShow which was broadcast live via my Facebook Profile from Cardiff. I cover the week’s social media news including Facebook’s launch of ads in Groups plus there are the regular featues – Headline, Question Time, Tools Talk, Tip Of The Week, Number of the Week and Word of the Week. Enjoy!

The #SocialMediaShow is aimed at people who work on a daily basis with or who are interested in social media. It’s purpose is to increase your knowledge and improve your use of social media. If you’d like to keep up on the latest news throughout the week plus get access to insider tips, then join my newsletter subscribers or Facebook Messenger subscribers.

The show notes below contain relevant links mentioned in The #SocialMediaShow.

Headline: Culture Secretary backs time limits for children using social media via Sky News.
Question time: How many times do you check Facebook per day?
Tip Of The Week: Twitter Name – Make full use of the recently introduced 50 characters limit.
Tools Talk: Faststone Screen Capture
Word of the Week: AR – Augmented Reality. Google’s definition: “A technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view”.
Number Of The Week: 74% Of Facebook users check the site daily and 51% several times per day according to Pew Research.

1. You’ll soon be able to schedule posts on Facebook Events pages.
2. Facebook is experimenting with a new feature that automatically creates Facebook events using information found within Page posts.
3. Facebook is testing a loyalty rewards feature for Pages. Thanks to Matt Navarra for this one.
4. Breaking News Tag test expanded – Facebook has announced plans to expand this test to 50 additional publications in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Australia. The Breaking News tag has resulted in an 11% increase in shares, 7% increase in likes and 4% increase in click throughs according to Facebook.

5. There’s a new mobile Admin panel on the app for Facebook Workplace.

6. Some new features are now available under Advanced messaging features in the Messenger Platform settings on Pages: Subscription messaging which allows your Page to send non-promotional content on a recurring basis through the Messenger platform. You can now setup a customer chat plugin from Page rather than third party and finally make sure your Pages has a Discover listing.
7. More Improvements are coming to Messenger Platform including quick replies for requesting users’ email addresses or phone numbers, new message tags, and two new Messaging Insights API metrics.
8. Facebook is testing disappearing messages, photos and videos. Thanks to Matt Navarra for that one.
9. Facebook is testing auto-translation.

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10. A “new portrait mode” has been found in the code where users can add a Bokeh effect and lighting effects. This would indicate the feature is likely to appear in Instagram.

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11. The latest version of the Pix ioS camera app includes a new business card feature that allows you to connect to and find contacts on LinkedIn as well as add new contacts to your iPhone’s address book. Worth checking out.

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12. Twitter wants to make those blue verification badges available to everyone – finally! Great to see Twitter following up my suggestion in my Open letter to Twitter in September 2017.
13. In another attempt to take on scammers Twitter is to add flags to help identify accounts that break Twitter’s rules against deceptive claims.
14. Last week Twitter removed a number of “tweetdeckers” from the social network who had been stealing memes and tweets.

15. There’s a new dynamic ad for the travel industry called Trip Consideration designed “to help travel advertisers reach people who have expressed intent to travel, but have not yet decided where to go.” These new ads target Facebook users who are interested in booking flight and hotel deals and encourage them to book their next holiday.
16. Marketplace ads have arrived to Facebook’s buy-and-sell section. The new Marketplace ad placements allows advertisers to “reach people who are already looking for goods and services” on Facebook.
17. The Boost Post button is coming to Facebook Groups. With this new ad type, Group admins get three targeting options for link posts inside a Group: generate clicks; engagement and targeting of potential customers.

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