Examples of cool Facebook tabs

One of the advantages of the new Timeline for Facebook Pages are the larger tabs and the increased visibility using icons below the cover photo. These can be used to encourage fans to enter the tab which can contain a special offer, coupon or competition entry form.

Discovery Foods provide a great example of a tab with their Freebie Friday concept. After selecting the icon above, fans are asked for their contact details and some feedback on the tab. In exchange for this information fans are able to obtain free Discovery food products.

Freebie Friday and other promotions have helped the Page to increase Likes from zero to around 16,000 in less than four months as well as acquire useful information from customers. Giveaways generate a lot of interaction – approximately 2500 people are talking about the Page at time or writing – which raises awareness of the Page to friends which in turns encourages Likes. The announcement of Freebie Friday last week generated 4o Likes and 11 comments.

It’s not just national brands that can benefit from Facebook tabs. Another good example of how a tab can be used to engage fans comes from Premier Places, a letting agency based in Worcester. Their Where’s Holly? competition asks fans to guess the location of their Business Development Manager for a chance to win a £25 Marks and Spencer voucher. When entering fans are asked if they would like to go onto the Premier Places mailing list.

If you need help with ideas for promotions or competitions or to create a tab please let me know or find out more at a Facebook Masterclass.

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