Save money across the UK with Foursquare

A social media and a money saving tip! Download the new Foursquare app and check-in to the a range of UK shops and restaurants to get cash back when paying with an American Express card.

What I like about this Special is it’s simplicity and convenience for both customer and merchant. No need for printing and cutting out coupons, checking with the waiter if the offer is valid then waiting around as they find out. All the mechanics are done behind the scenes so the restaurant or shop staff don’t have to do anything. In fact, they aren’t even aware that you’re getting money back. Clever.

It works like this: you check in on Foursquare, select the Special then ‘Load To Card’ then pay with your Amex card. You’ll then get a notification via the app that you’ve redeemed the Special. You need to spend £5 or £10 depending on the merchant – listing of merchants and amounts below the image below – then an equivalent amount will be credited back to your American Express account.

For example, spend £10 in Nando’s and receive £10 back. I’ve tried it at Tesco and Café Rouge and it only took two days to receive the cash back. You can only claim each Special once but there are some good savings available.

Here are the merchants participating in the Foursquare American Express Specials:

Bella Italia – £10
Café Rouge – £10
House of Fraser – £10
Nando’s – £10
PizzaExpress – £10
Primark – £10
Strada – £10
Tesco – £5
Eat – £5

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Update 22 July 2012 – American Express will shortly be offering similar deals via Facebook and Twitter.

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