How to entertain and engage on Twitter

I repeatedly bang the drum and how important it is to engage and generate interaction on social media. One way to do this is to entertain and a great example comes from @ArenaFlowers on Twitter.

Most of their tweets are amusing jokes and entertaining quotes and observations with the vast majority being original and timely.

This refreshing alternative to the sell, sell, sell approach employed by many businesses on Twitter has been rewarded with an audience of over 16,000 followers. Their high Klout rating of 64 indicates that they are engaging well with their followers and that they have a high degree of ‘social influence’.

The account is unusual in that they’re are no promotional tweets to be seen. I did wonder whether they ever directly promote the business so I asked @ArenaFlowers and their reply was, ‘Sometimes we are forced to.’

You could argue that there is not much of a link between the humour and the selling of flowers but engagement is the key to attracting regular viewers to their profile which has all the necessary information to make a purchase and buy flowers. Check the @ArenaFlowers profile and you’ll see that they make use of both the header and background images to provide contact info and details about their business; ‘Personal service, Fantastic flowers and An experience delivered’.

But enough from me, here’s an explanation for Arena Flowers on why they went down this route and how it’s worked for them.

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