Attract more visitors to your Facebook Page

Several times a week I come across business people who aren’t aware that they can have their own address or ‘vanity URL’ for their Facebook Business Page. For example, my Facebook Page address is Facebook refer to the part after as ‘username’.

If you haven’t one already you should check to see if the address of your choice is available; the logical one would be followed by your business name. When logged in to the account that administers your Page go to see if the address you want is available.

You’ll need to have more than 25 ‘Likes’ to set one up but it’s a quick and straightforward process. I suggest you then publish your new address on your website, in your email autosignature and on all your marketing collateral such as business cards and brochures. Add your Facebook Page address alongside any mention of your phone number of website address. You can get quite creative with publicising your Facebook Page address. I had a meeting with a client this morning who’s getting bumper stickers for his business printed up to put on his fleet of company branded Minis.

Your own Facebook Page address can have great benefits as it’s easier to remember so can help increase visitors to you Facebook Page as well as raise awareness of your business and brand.

Be careful when creating your address! Set it for your Page and not your Profile and double check for typos. Once set it can’t be changed.

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