Facebook removing Reviews tab

Facebook have announced that they are removing the popular Reviews Page tab for both existing and new users. This is a big blow for those that have spent time encouraging Fans to provide reviews on their Page. Following the removal of Updates to fans on 30 September from 31 October, the Reviews tab will no longer be accessible. The Discussions tab will be removed on the same date.

The only way to retain the content is to copy it off and use elsewhere. However, this will not be nearly as effective if reviews are re-used as text reviews and star ratings will no longer be associated with personal profiles of reviewers.

Facebook have stated, ‘We’re working on tools to help you moderate, filter and manage content in one powerful place. Stay tuned.’ So it sounds like the Page is going to undergo a revamp following the recent changes that have been made to Profiles.

The advice is to use your Facebook Page Wall as the core of all activity and encourage reviews, discussion and interaction there

Hat tip to @photoglow for bringing this my attention.

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