5 secret ways to increase Twitter followers

In a previous article I provided 10 tips for getting more Twitter followers and here are another 5 secret ways to increase your Twitter followers you might not have heard about. They will make other tweeters aware you’re on Twitter and help get you noticed.

5 secret ways to increase your Twitter followers

It’s important to build your audience on Twitter so that you have a large group of people you can talk with about your business and your interests. Of course, your tweets are public and can be found via Twitter Search and Bing but your followers are the most likely to see your tweets as they’ll appear on their Homepage. So here they are along with instructions on how to achieve.

1) Add your Twitter id as a hyperlink eg http://twitter.com/intranetfuture to your personal profile on Facebook. Select About on your Timeline then Edit to the right of the About You section. Great way of raising awareness to friends, followers (yes, Facebook has followers now too) and visitors to your profile.

2) Add your Twitter id to your YouTube channel. Go to your YouTube channel then select Edit to the right of the About <channel name>. You can then add a title eg Twitter and your Twitter URL in the customised URL field. Select Add and your done. Informs your YouTube viewers that you’re on Twitter and makes it easy for them to connect.

3) Follow your competitors followers. A bit cheeky but why not? Chances are they are going to be interested in what you tweet about and you might provide more value than your competitor. You can find your competitors using Twitter’s Advanced Search – (view video on how to use) or you can find and follow them using ManageFlitter (subscription for this feature is required).

4) Give! Provide free tips, services and if possible products. This will get your tweets shared and help you get noticed.

5) Send @messages to people who aren’t following you. Even a simple approach of just saying ‘hi’ – see @earlsandco – flags up your presence on Twitter.

If you have any good suggestions for obtaining followers please add them to the Comments below. Thank you.

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