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Lost in the all the excitement surrounding the launch of Facebook’s Graph Search on Wednesday was the announcement of the new Retail Centre. It’s great to see that this new resource is focussed on UK retailers. Once registered retailers will have access to video tutorials, whitepapers, guides to retails success success stories to help retailers make the most of Facebook for their business.

Screenshot of Facebook's Retail Centre

Video tutorials: Learn about how people in the UK use Facebook and 5 steps to retail success on Facebook
Whitepapers: Learn about how European retailers are using social media
Guide to retail success: A cheat sheet for all the steps to success.
Success stories: Learn about how retailers used Facebook to achieve their business objectives

Facebook wants businesses to achieve success with their platform and this resource will certainly help. Of course, they would also like businesses to achieve success through advertising too. As Felicity McCarthy of Facebook explains, “Our product (Facebook) is a combination of both free products and paid-for products.” After registering you’re likely to be contacted with information about advertising opportunities and a free trial.

Accompanying the launch were some fascinating statistics on Facebook usage in the UK which demonstrates the numbers of potential customers that retailers and other businesses can sell their goods and services too.

UK Facebook statistics (Source: Facebook)

  • 27 million people in the UK are regular Facebook users (logging on at least once per month) with 51% female and 49% male.
  • People spend an average seven hours a month on Facebook, accounting for one in five of all minutes spent online.
  • 62% (19 million) of the 27 million users access the social network via their mobile devices while 26% access via a tablet.
  • Smartphone users are most active at midday, while tablet use is highest during the evenings when 60% of all users are on Facebook.
  • 62% use Facebook while watching TV.
  • Facebook claims it is a more effective channel for reaching than TV.
  • Over half of 18 to 34 year olds say they access Facebook first thing in the morning and it is the last site they access at night.
  • 37% of users ask their friends for product tips on Facebook ,while 16% of all users go on to buy a product as a result of a Facebook friend interaction.
  • 23% of people have tried a new restaurant or bar following a friend’s recommendation
  • 36% of UK users listen to music via the social network.

Facebook is a great way to raise awareness of your goods and services. If you need advice on how to do set up and/or use your Page give me a call on 01242 639023.

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