10 tips for getting more Twitter followers

A question I’m often asked is how to get more followers on Twitter. A large audience on Twitter can give you more impact for the same amount of effort. It takes the same amount of time to craft and send a tweet for 5 followers as it does to 5000. Quality is also important as you want to attract an audience that’s receptive to your tweets. Follow the following 10 tips to attract quality followers:

  1. Quality content – tweets that are valued get noticed. They’ll be retweeted which will bring you more followers.
  2. Key words – include key words relating to your business and sector in your tweets. This will help you show up more in search results.
  3. Optimised profile – use your Bio to give people reasons to follow you. Tell people what you tweet about.
  4. Twitter id on other social networks – for example, ensure your Twitter URL is listed on your Facebook Page. All fields in the About section on Facebook support hyperlinks.
  5. Twitter button on your LinkedIn profile – Once added a Follow button is displayed on your LinkedIn profile. This makes it easy for visitors to your profile to follow you.
  6. A reason to follow you – don’t just say ‘Follow us on Twitter’. Say follow us on Twitter for great tips, fun competitions, special offers etc – describe the benefits to your audience.
  7. Mention popular accounts  – make your tweets more visible by tagging influential users in your tweets.
  8. Embed tweets on your website or blog – embedded tweets can add value to your website or blog – see 4 great ideas for embedded tweets. All buttons are live so if you embed your own tweets visitors can easily select the Follow button without having to visit your profile on Twitter.
  9. URL on business cards – ensure that your Twitter id is published on your business card.
  10. Promoted Ads – all the above are free but if you have budget then you can pay Twitter to have your account suggested to potential followers using promoted accounts.

To learn more about using Twitter for marketing your business give me a call on 01242 639032.

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