5 top tips for great SEO using social media

Social media is becoming increasingly significant when it comes to search engine optimisation or SEO as it’s known. If you want 5 tips on improving the ranking of your website on search engines, particularly Google Search, read on:

  1. Apply your keyword strategy to social media – use the same key words you use on your website on your social network profiles and in your posts, updates and tweets.
  2. Write a blog – Write regular posts and if possible incorporate in your website.
  3. Add social share buttons – encourage sharing of your content by adding social share buttons to your blog posts and website.
  4. Increase your followers and fans – the larger your readership the more likely it is that your content will be shared.
  5. Add links to your tweets and updates – regularly link back to your website in your posts, updates and tweets.

If you have any social media SEO tips you’d like to share please add them to the Comments below or get in touch directly.

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