Type Studio - example of a great social media tool

3 brilliant social media tools you’ve probably never heard of

Here’s the lowdown on 3 brilliant social media tools you’ve probably never heard of but which could be useful additions to your existing  toolbox. For each tool you’ll find what it does, a suggestion on how to use it.

Each one can is easy to use and can help you up your social media game.

Tagdef – Website

Tagdef lists popular hashtags and helps you find out a hashtag’s meaning, as long as someone has entered a definition. You can also obtain the date a hashtag was first used together with a list of related hashtags.

Use to relate your posts to popular and topical hashtags for increased visibility of your tweets resulting in improved awareness of your brand.


ShotPin is a simple extension for Chrome that makes it easy to take a screenshot from any web page and then share it on Pinterest.

You could use to take screenshots of partial images and of text. For example, use ShotPin to capture a headline and the opening paragraph on your blog.

Type Studio

Type Studio offers a new approach to editing video as it’s text-based. You can edit your video by simply editing the transcribed text. It’s as easy as editing a Google Docs. You can also add subtitles automatically, turn the video into a blog article plus everything runs online in your browser. Brilliant!

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