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How to find social media influencers in your niche

Instagram leadership among business promoting social networks is not a prospect for the coming years, but an established fact. For marketers and salespeople, it is a platform with over a billion daily active users, including influencers with an audience that exceeds the population of any country.

Instagram is teeming with visual content and is more attractive to followers than classic social networks for the following reasons:

  • There is no need to waste time reading sweeping sheets of text
  • The format of Stories allows you to maintain visual contact with subscribers 24/7
  • Examples and results of using products and services are presented in real time

That is why influencers, taste makers and leaders on Instagram are potentially very attractive partners for businesses of any size.

What is influencer outreach?

The most important quality of influencers for a marketer is credibility. This means that followers do not just listen to their opinion, but trust them to the extent that they will copy their purchases, habits and activities. This is true beauty bloggers, marketers, B2B specialists and in fact, any industry.

Moreover, you don’t have to be limited to one influencer. The reputation of your brand will be the higher the greater the number of authoritative and authentic influencers that use your solutions and services.

–°onstant communication with influencers

Many influencers with an active and engaged audience could be important for your business, but you do not have enough time for constant communication  with your influencer partners? The answer is good old fashioned email marketing and an advanced automation solution from The key for a successful email marketing campaign is to verify an email address to ensure that all recipients receive your message.

Why are the tools of this service so good?

With the help of them you can:

  1. Carry out a full cycle of communication with influencers and bloggers
  2. Control and update the email address base
  3. Receive accurate statistics of mailings and build high-quality campaign analytics

The entire tool pack is intuitive and easy to use, includes a bunch of additional options and features, and it helps significantly by saving your team time and resources. However, before you start designing your campaign, it is worth looking for influencers whose audience matches or overlaps with your target audience.

But how do you find the right influencers?

Here are some effective ways:

  • Pay attention to your competitors’ collaborations, especially those with influencers who have been posting on Instagram on their clients behalf for 6 months and over
  • Ask your audience if they have a preferences for a certain type of Instagram influencer
  • Search Instagram using hashtags and select several appropriate influencers
  • Purchase a work with ready-made contact databases of influencers

After compiling a list of contacts, you should find their email addresses. Some influencers and bloggers openly provide their email address for collaboration or provide details of an agent. Google, YouTube and Facebook and of course Instagram are good sources of email addresses.

Why is mailing or unverified email addresses unprofitable for the sender?

It’s all about the bounce rate: the more bounced emails you get, the more you are likely to be considered a spammer in the eyes of email services.

But how do you test your email address and what to do when you have, for example, 100+ influencer email addresses? Email Verifier from is ideal for this task. With it, you can check a full range of email addresses or perform single verification in a few seconds.

It’s a powerful and accurate tool which quickly dials inboxes and returns validity data with a small email verification report for each contact. In addition, the check also applies to the syntactic validity of addresses: mailboxes with an incorrect format fall into the category of invalid ones.

To check using SNovio email verifier, you need to upload your address list to the contact database on the website and press the verification button. After that, your contact base will be prepared for mailing.

Automatic mailing of letters to influencers and bloggers

So you’ve prepared your email address list and are ready to launch your email campaign. Now you need to develop the correct structure of the mailing list, identify the main triggers and start personalizing letters. To accomplish these tasks, there is a simple and multifunctional trigger mailing tool, which you will find in the same tool.

It is equipped with a graphical campaign structure editor with the ability to create literally endless mailing cycles, a hot settings panel and a set of email templates with many variables that you can add manually. Yes, it does not require pulling up additional tools and works very quickly.

Regular communication with contacts: influencer marketing in action

All businesses are looking for a stable relationship with influencers for long-term cooperation and collaboration.

Why are email marketing solutions from the best option in this case? It’s because they offer a whole set of fast-working tools that automate a wide range of tasks for preparing and sending emails.

You can keep communicating constantly, maintain a good relationship with your influencers which will lead to an increase in your brand’s reputation.

Expert advice from a social media trainer

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