7 deadly social media sins

Here are seven mistakes that are often made by users of social media along with some advice on how you can correct them.

1. Automation (not to be confused with scheduling)
Automated content provides little or no value to your audience. Why automatically post news and links from your website or another social network if people can read it there? You’re simply duplicating content. Social media is about interaction and engagement so this should be the focus of your efforts. We’re all short on time but there’s no excuse for sending an auto DM (Direct Message) to thank new followers or ask them a question. Are you really thanking them or just promoting a product or service? It’s also irritating to reply to a DM question only to discover you can’t as they’re not following you. Be a human, not a robot.

2. Missing photo
Last week I had a LinkedIn connection request from someone with no photo who I didn’t know. People connect with other people but if I don’t know what you look like I’m unlikely to add you to my network. Did you know your 7 times more likely to show up in the LinkedIn Search if you have a profile photo? Social media is about demonstrating your personality and the most powerful way to do this is to publish your photo.

3. Incomplete profile
Not adding all your information to your social network profiles is a wasted opportunity. Every social network lets you tell people about yourself, to link to your websites and to provide contact information. If you want your customers to find you then it’s vital to complete and optimise your profiles.

4. Broken links
It surprises me how many links on profiles and in posts don’t actually work. So double check all links by clicking on them before you publish. You do read all those articles before you retweet them don’t you?

5. Silent treatment
Research reveals staggering 70% of complaints are ignored or social media. Your customers are making comments and questions about your businesses and the services and products you provide. Are you listening to them and if you are listening are you responding? Social media is about conversation – make sure you respond.

6. Blocking feedback
There are still companies and organisations who use Facebook solely as broadcasting mechanism. In some cases, they’ve taken the extreme step of preventing fans from posting on their Facebook Page. Remember that social media is about conversation.

7. Using a Facebook Profile for a business
There are hundreds of thousands of companies who do this. Yes, it’s easier to Add friends that acquire Likes but the whole set up is not appropriate for a business. They’re are many features unique to a Page eg Facebook Insights and Promoted Posts. It’s a massive risk to use a Profile in this way as it’s a breach of Facebook’s Terms and Conditions and  your Profile can be switched off at any time. Have a business? Get a Facebook Page.

Are there other social media sins that I’ve missed? If you can think of any please let me know or comment below.

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