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Here’s the replay of Monday 11 September’s The #SocialMediaShow which was broadcast live via my Facebook Profile from Cardiff. I’m also doing a 5 minute version of the show over on LinkedIn. This week we have 26 social media news stories with my insights in italics plus the usual features – Headline, Question Time, Top Tip, Tools Talk, Number of the Week plus a quirky story from the world of social media with And Finally.

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1. Facebook Stories are now displayed on top right of the News Feed on some users desktop (including mine) but Facebook not yet announced if this feature will be available to all users. Facebook are looking to boost Stories on Facebook which haven’t taken off.
2. Facebook are testing a pop-up live video alert at bottom left of screen. A with video plays in a mini-box without sound. Another bonus for users of Facebook Live.
3. There’s a new floating call to action button being tested on mobile. If you add a button to a post it could appear as a floating button on bottom of screen as you scroll. Call to action buttons are well worth adding to some of your posts as an alternative to links.
4. Some users can post directly to Groups from News Feed. A handy time-saver.
5. New colour backgrounds on Facebook Comments have been spotted by Evert Groot aka @absoluut. Facebook could look like a Picasso soon.
6. Facebook will be changing Page profile pics to a round from square shape – new tool to help visualise how they look is being introduced. Get ready for the new look.

facebook profile pic
7. Facebook looks set to pay millions to music publishers rather than take down videos that infringe copyright by having unlicensed music soundtracks. A better solution than having your video taken down.
8. Rumour has it that Facebook is working on a new voice assistant for its mobile apps. Makes sense in light of the development of the ‘Facebook Intelligent Speaker’ codenamed Aloha.
9. Facebook is working on a new private profile feature that allows you to share posts amongst a small group of close friends. As you can already create a list to do this, but few people do, I’m not sure this will catch on.
10. Facebook has started asking selected users to categorise posts they Like which is probably linked to the introduction of its new topics feature. Another media type feature.
11. Facebook is to invest $1 billion in original programming for Watch aka Facebook TV. FB really is serious about taking on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.
12. Facebook is testing of ‘get to know your friends’ feature.  If you’ve both attended the same event, Liked the same Page, lived in the same place etc this will be flagged up.
13. Facebook bid $600 million for live streaming Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket but lost out to 20th Century Fox owned Star India who bid $2.55 billion for both TV and live streaming. Facebook doesn’t always get what it wants.
14. Announced in June but spotted by me for the first time last night on mobile web – you can now add posts, check-ins and more to albums. It’s not all about photos.

15. Facebook is testing a new Ad Activity tab letting you see all ads you’ve engaged with and ads you’ve saved to revisit later. Handy.

16. Users are reporting a new chat with friends feature on Facebook Live. Another win for live streamers. Sounds a bit like Twitter territory.

17. Facebook is testing new Tinder like feature so you can meet up if both parties indicate they want to ‘hang out’. It seems more focussed on friends than dating right now but could Facebook take on Tinder some time?

18. Instagram is rolling out ability to share Stories to Instagram and Facebook simultaneously. Another attempt to boost Facebook Stories.
19. Instagram is testing adding photos and videos from last week not just the last 24 hours. Does this mean Instagram Stories will soon last one week?

20. There’s a new LinkedIn Audience Network allowing advertisements on 3rd party sites and services including Microsoft’s MSN and in Outlook emails. Great to B2B advertisers on LinkedIn to have this additional option.

21. Night mode is now available on desktop
22. There’s a resource for agencies with help on advertising campaigns, best practice, case studies and stats. If you advertise check out New Agency Resource Page.
23. Twitter is testing a ‘tweetstorm feature’ where you can string together tweets into one conversation. Is this the beginning of the end for the 140 character limit? Read my suggestions for Twitter.

24. Pinterest’s second UK TV ad campaign ‘What If’ will consist of at least 10 different spots, tailored to fit specific Channel 4 programmes including The Great British Bake Off, Grand Designs and Gogglebox.
25. Rumours of a possible IPO for Pinterest before the end of the year are circulating. Would make sense but I would have thought the New Year would be more likely.

Around 40,000 gun-toting Americans joined a bizarre Facebook campaign to shoot down Hurricane Irma before it was taken down from Facebook amid warnings from authorities not to shoot at the hurricane. Only in America!

Top Tip: Enable 2-factor authentication on your social networks to reduce the risk of hacking.
Tools Talk:
Number Of The Week: 67% of Americans now access news via social media according to a new study by Pew Research Center.

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