Virgin not so Active on Twitter

Virgin have featured in the ‘Good’ section of ‘Good and Bad Social Media’ with their @VirginAtlantic account but here’s an account that’s not quite so good.

As Ian Drury used to sing; “What a waste!”. Not so much an example of how not to use Twitter but Twitter not being used at all.

Virgin Active represented by @VirginActive have over 3,200 followers on the Twitter account and yet have never tweeted.





I’m not quite sure what’s happened here but this appears to be a master or group account as each country is also represented on Twitter eg@VirginActiveUK.

Perhaps, it was set up when Virgin Active initially joined Twitter without much thought about how it was to be used. So the lesson here is that if you’re setting up multiple accounts decide your objectives for each account.

Thanks for @markshaw for flagging this inactive account up on his Twitter feed.

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