Two tips for using Twitter favourites

Unlike web browser favouriting or bookmarking where you can set up folders and save your favourite web pages by category or subject, Twitter favourites (or favorites to use the US spelling) have limited functionality. When you favourite a tweet it basically goes into a ‘giant bucket’ to join previous tweets you’ve favourited.

It’s not surprising that compared to their web counterparts this feature on Twitter is not widely used but here are couple of ideas you might find useful:

  1. Use the favouriting feature as a ‘read later’ function. Simply save your tweets that you want to read another time. Handy if you’re busy and don’t have the time to read a useful article that has been posted.
  2. Use to record testimonial tweets. You can build up an authentic record of testimonials favourite tweets that recommend your goods or services by favouriting them. This might seem a bit egotistical particularly if you’re a freelancer. However, if your clients or customers are saying good things about you and your products/services, why not use them to help promote your business?

Here’s an example of how you can use the testimonial tweet approach from my @intranetfuture account. I couldn’t find anyone else using favourites in this way…honest.

If you have any other tips on using Twitter favourites please let me know.

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