Twitter search gets smarter

Twitter’s search feature has long been due an overhaul but the wait is now over…well nearly. Twitter are rolling out a number of big improvements to their search engine. Here are the new features:

  • Autocomplete with suggested terms – according to the Twitter blog: “Search autocomplete shows you the most likely terms for your query as you enter it — especially useful if you’re trying to follow the hashtag for an event or you’re looking for a certain Twitter account. You can select your query from the drop-down menu even before you finish typing it.”
  • Autocorrect for spelling errors – the autocomplete feature will also correct your spelling if slightly different letters are used for common search terms.
  • Searching of tweets by people you follow –  as well as the regular search filter options of Top and All you can now search just the people you follow (see screenshot).

The first two have been well established on Google Search and it’s great they are now on Twitter. You should be able to use the new features this week on both mobile Twitter and If you have the new search features now let me know what you think by posting a comment below.

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