Twitter PR: TV coverage from one tweet

Here’s an example of how Twitter was used to obtain PR coverage, in this case exposure on television from Julian Wellings @expertiseontap who tweets for East Glos Tennis and Squash Club @eastglos.

Last July, when Andy Murray won his historic Wimbledon singles title, Julian tweeted BBC Points West Gloucestershire reporter Steve Knibbs @Knibbsey, within minutes of the win.

As you can see, Julian did this in a low key way, simply reminding Steve that there was a large tennis club on his patch and to get in touch if he wanted a local angle.

Steve Knibbs duly got in touch, and the following day East Glos Club was featured in a 90 second package on the Points West lunchtime TV bulletin and Steve also did a live insert lasting several minutes from East Glos into the 6pm programme.

With a single well crafted tweet, East Glos Club received several minutes of airtime on peak time regional TV which gave the club some excellent exposure.

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