12 ways to increase your Twitter followers

There’s plenty of Social Media Consultants who state that when if comes to Twitter followers, it is quality that is important and not quantity. The truth is that both quality and quantity are important. If all your followers are prospective clients and useful sources of news and information then you have quality but if you only have 5 of them then your traction and rewards from Twitter are going to be minimal.

So here are twelve ideas to help you obtain quality followers on Twitter:

1. Engage with everyone who interacts with you – Twitter is about building relationships so when someone proffers their digital hand to you, make sure that you shake it. That is, if someone favourites one of your tweets, retweets you or mentions you then reply with a “hi” or “thanks” and start talking but most important of all, follow them. If they’ve not already followed you they are now very likely to do so.

2. Schedule multiple posts for a particular tweet – If you have a tweet that has performed well ie it’s received plenty of retweets, replies and/or clicks, then schedule it for further tweeting. You can use Tweet Deck or Buffer to do this.

3. tweets on your website – An embedded tweet gives your the opportunity to display a ‘live tweet’ on your website or blog. By posting an engaging tweet which can now be accompanied by up to 4 photos  you can attract acquire new followers without the need for them to visit twitter.com or a phone app.

4. Put Follow button onto website – An obvious one this but a surprising omission from many websites and blogs. Twitter provide a follow button that can easily be placed on your About Us, Contact Us page or blog. It looks like this:

  Please click for daily social media news and tips. You’ll find all you need to add this and other Twitter buttons in the Twitter resources section.

5. Publicise Twitter id online and offline – Make sure to tell people that you’re on Twitter. Use your website, social networks and emails to do this online, and offline be sure to mention in brochures, on leaflets and business cards and if you run a venue on signage and staff clothing. Here are the official Twitter logo plus advice on its use.

6. Twitter exclusive content and promotions – Give me a reason to follow you. For example, make Twitter the source of exclusive content such as tips and ebooks and/or promotions and discounts.

7. Retweet – Be generous with your retweets. If you help spread the word for others they are likely to do the same for you. Make sure you focus on relevant tweets and influential people. The beauty of Twitter is that you can put yourself in front of someone by retweeting or mentioning them, no matter how high profile they are.

8. Ask for retweets – Evidence from a number of studies shows that if you ask for retweets you’re more likely to get them. This helps put you in front of a new audience who may well follow you. Pro-tip: If you have space when composing your tweet, write out ‘retweet’ in full rather than RT.

9. Join the conversation – Increase your visibility by putting yourself into Twitter conversations by using popular or trending hashtags. You should regularly use hashtags relating to your industry sector, join in during #<location>hour eg #cotswoldshour conversations, tweet using relevant event hashtags and keep on eye on relevant trending hashtags. Pro-tip: There is a huge volume of Twitter chat around TV programmes so study the TV schedules each week for programmes related to your goods or services.

10. Favourite tweets to get noticed – When you favourite a tweet, it shows up under the tweeter’s Notifications so put yourself on influential people’s radars by favouriting their tweets.

11. Search email contacts who are on Twitter – Your contacts are likely candidates for new followers. This tip works particularly well if you have a contacts list for you customers. See if they are on Twitter by using Discover/ Find Friends. Pro-tip: If you aren’t on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL then create a Gmail (or one of the other options). Then export your contacts list as a .csv file and import into your new Gmail account.

12. Display your Twitter account on LinkedIn – Connect your Twitter account with LinkedIn so it’s displayed in your Contact Info by going to Edit Contact Info/Manage Twitter Settings. Pro-tip: If you have more than one Twitter account you can display this too.

For more advice on growing a quality audience on Twitter book a call with me, Jonathan Pollinger.

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