Twitter launch personalised trends

It’s not that often that Twitter add new features so it’s great to report on an exciting new feature called personalised trends. It’s more of an enhancement of the existing trends feature but displays trends that you are likely to be interested in.

The new style trends are based on your location and who you follow so are tailored to content you’re interested in. The feature has been quietly rolled out and you may already have it. If you haven’t noticed that trends have become more personalised go to Trends on the left on Home. If there is a location displayed then you don’t yet have the feature but if Change is displayed you do. If you select ‘Change’ you’ll be asked whether you want to ‘Change’, back to the old style trends, or ‘Keep tailored trends’.

The older system presented trending terms based on the top ten most tweeted words, phrases or hashtags in a particularly town or country eg London, UK or USA. You’ll be able to switch back to the old style trending terms but the personalised trends will become the default.

This is an interesting and very useful new enhancement from Twitter and is very much in keeping with how I think social networks, and indeed marketing, are going to develop over the next few years; more context and personalisation. We are bombarded daily with content we have no interest in so a tailored approach is very much the way to go to gain increased engagement and positive action.

How do you see social media developing? Please use Comments below.

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